Randy Spendlove – President of Motion Picture Music for Paramount Pictures

Randy Spendlove, the current President of Motion Picture Music for Paramount Pictures, has logged many miles as a touring musician but left the life on the road for one in the front office.  Starting as an executive in promotion for A&M Records, Spendlove went on to work on the film music side in roles for Miramax, and most recently at Paramount Pictures.  Recently, Spendlove took time to discuss with Glide Magazine his views on the industry and how he formulated his career in music and film.

Can you describe the role that music and film played growing up?

Well, growing up as a child and early teen, I started off by playing guitar and piano and was very interested in music and theatre.  As I grew into high school, I played in lots and lots of local rock bands, which then grew into a more professional band.  I was playing professionally by the time I was fifteen or sixteen, and played in clubs that I wasn’t even old enough to get into.  It always played a huge role in my life when I was really young, and I was just consumed with music that I would listen to on the radio, which was my primary source for where I got my music.  There was a record store, but it was an hour away from where I grew up.  So, I would primarily hear music on the radio, but I was consumed by having musical instruments around, and I was trying to learn them.  That part of it was a big part of my early years.  Music and film combined were what occupied most of my interests.

Did film have as much of an impact on you when you were growing up?  Did you have a passion for it as equally as you did for music?

I did, but more as an audience member and a consumer.  I grew up watching the John Hughes movies, but as video tapes became more prevalent in those days, where you could watch the movies you saw in the theatres at home, it became more and more of a passion.  As a young kid, I would go to the theatre virtually every weekend and in the summer several times per week.  We had one theatre in the town I grew up in, which was a small town called Gilroy in California, which is about an hour south of San Francisco.  We had one theatre and would go almost every weekend.